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Character Post

Short n sweet... I'll edit as necessary.

Name: Aidan Morris (pronounced Eye-den)
Nickname: Crazy Bastard (usually used as an epithet)
Height: 5'9
Weight: Unknown
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Pyroshifter

Basic Appearance: Shoulder length blonde hair, pale green eyes that change color with his mood, slim build. Usually dressed as a human, in khaki jeans and cotton T-shirts with white sneakers. When the mood strikes him, usually during the Full Moon, he'll slip into a set of mithril mail and patrol the outer forests to see what dangers lurk there.

Weapons: Ashwood bow with dragonbone arrows, titanium daggers in his belt, laser pistols around his waist, plasma rifle on his back. Cell phone in his pocket with an earpiece permanently attached to his ear. Thermal scanners to show him where stragglers are.

General Attitude: Paranoid

Source of Employment: Night Watch
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